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Corporate Profile

Robinson & Birdsell Ltd was founded in 1840. Over 175 years on, the company has established an unparalleled reputation in a highly specialised and hazardous sector.

As one of the country’s major technical dismantling companies, Robinson & Birdsell Ltd is one of the few companies with its own explosives division operating internationally. Consequently, it is often required to fulfil this specialist requirement for other demolition companies and organisations.

Highly experienced the company undertakes major demolition projects including numerous multi-storey buildings within urban situations, nuclear decommissioning and demolition, conventional and unconventional steel, concrete, brick, post tension and pre-stressed structures. Invariably, this high profile work requires close liaison with all stakeholders including service providers, statutory authorities and the public.

This capability, gained from 175 years of operating, allows the company to offer its clients a service that is as resolutely professional as it is unique.